Secret Service Agreement

Dear Customers:

Thank you for choosing the secret service. 《Secret Service Agreement 》(hereinafter referred to as "the Agreement") is signed by secret (hereinafter referred to as "we") and the user (hereinafter referred to as "you" or "user"). This Agreement has a contractual law effectiveness between you and us.

We hereby remind you that before using the secret APP or website (hereinafter referred to as "secret"), please read the "secret service agreement" and the related agreements mentioned later to ensure that you fully understand the terms of this agreement, and Consider the risk autonomously.

If you are under the age of 18, please read this agreement accompanied by a legal guardian. If a person without civil capacity uses secret or restricts the capacity of a person with civil capacity to engage in a transaction beyond the scope of his or her civil rights or capacity, secret has the right. You and your parent or guardian are responsible. If you disagree with any of the terms of this Agreement, you may choose not to enter the secret. When you register successfully, whether it is entering the secret or posting any content on the secret, you are fully accepting all the terms of this agreement.

Ⅰ.Usage rules

1.After the user is successfully registered, secret will give each user a user account and corresponding password. The user obtains the right to use the secret account. The user account and password are kept by the user. The right to use belongs only to the initial application registrant, and the gift is forbidden. Borrowing, renting, transferring or selling, users should be legally responsible for all activities and events carried out under their user accounts.

2.The user shall be fully responsible for the authenticity, legality and validity of the registration information in the secret, and may change or delete the personal data on the "secret" account. Users are responsible for theft or password theft due to the inability to blame the secret. The user agrees and promises to bear the risk of losing account information, the user shall not impersonate others; may not use any other person's name to post any information; no malicious use of the registered account may cause other users to misidentify; otherwise secret has the right to immediately stop providing services and recover their account number and The user is solely responsible for all legal liabilities arising therefrom.

3.The secret circle of friends is a platform for information sharing, dissemination and acquisition. The information published by the user through the secret is public information. Other third parties can obtain the information published by the user through the secret. The user approves the information as public. Information, and is solely responsible for this behavior; any information that users do not want to be known by other third parties should not be published on the secret circle of friends.

4.The user promises not to use the secret directly or indirectly to violate the laws of various countries and social morality in any way, and the secret has the right to delete the content that violates the above commitments.

5.Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression, including the freedom to hold opinions without interference, and the freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any medium and regardless of national boundaries. Every member of the social network is free to speak, write and publish, but should be responsible for the abuse of this freedom in the circumstances stipulated by law. We have the right to directly delete the inappropriate speech without prior notice to the author and make it according to relevant regulations. The corresponding penalty. We have the right to ban, block, and block accounts for users.

6.If we discover or receive reports from others or complain that the user violates this agreement, we have the right to screen and delete the relevant content, including but not limited to user data and published content, without notice, and depending on the circumstances. The account number will be notified to the relevant users by including, but not limited to, warnings, restricting users from posting information, hiding information posted by users, time-limited or permanent account ban, device ban, and function ban.

7.Users may not use the secret service to create, upload, copy, publish, distribute or reprint the following:

(1) In violation of the basic principles established by the Constitution;

(2) Endangering national security, revealing state secrets, subverting state power, and undermining national unity;

(3) Damage or damage to national honours and interests;

(4) Inciting national hatred, ethnic discrimination, and undermining national unity;

(5) Insulting, abusing the image of heroes and heroes, denying heroic deeds, beautifying the act of whitewashing aggression;

(6) Destroy the country’s religious policy and promote cults and feudal superstitions;

(7) Spread rumors, disrupt social order, and undermine social stability;

(8) Spreading obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror or abetting;

(9) Insulting or slandering others, infringing on the legitimate rights and interests of others;

(10) Inciting illegal gatherings, associations, demonstrations, demonstrations, gathering people to disturb social order;

(11) Information containing other content prohibited by law or administrative regulations.

8.The user understands and confirms that in the process of using the service, there may be risk factors such as force majeure, which may cause the service to be interrupted. Force majeure is an objective event that cannot be foreseen, cannot be overcome, and cannot be avoided and has a significant impact on one or both parties, including but not limited to natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, epidemics and storms, and social events such as war, turmoil, government. Behavior, etc. In the above situation, we will try our best to cooperate with the relevant units in the first time to repair in time, but the losses caused to us or third parties will be exempted by us and the cooperation units within the scope permitted by law.

9.The user understands and confirms that this service, like most Internet services, may be affected by various security issues, such as but not limited to user reasons, network service quality, social environment, etc., such as other software downloaded and installed by users. We do not accept any responsibility for viruses or other websites that are accessed, which threaten the security of users' information and data, and then affect the normal use of the service, thereby causing losses to users or third parties. Users should strengthen the information security and protection of user data, and pay attention to strengthen password protection to avoid loss and harassment.

10.The User understands and acknowledges that there are misleading, deceptive, threatening, defamatory, offensive or illegal information from any other person in the process of using the Service, or anonymity or impersonation that violates the rights of others. We do not accept any responsibility for any loss of information about the user or third party resulting from the act of accompanying such information.

11.We may unilaterally suspend or terminate some or all of your use of secret when you: 

(1) Rejecting the mandatory update operation initiated by us to improve the secret function;

(2) Use secret for illegal or criminal activities;

(3) Prevent other users from using it normally; 

(4) Falsely claiming our staff or management staff; 

(5) Attack, invade, alter, or otherwise threaten the proper functioning of our computer systems;

(6) Use the secret to promote spam ads; 

(7) Spread rumors that damage us and secret goodwill; 

(8) Violations, other violations of this Agreement, and circumstances in which we reasonably believe that the function should be suspended.

Ⅱ.Intellectual Property Rights

1.The secret circle of friends is a platform for information acquisition, sharing and dissemination. We respect and encourage the content created by secret users, recognize the importance of protecting intellectual property rights for secret survival and development, and promise to protect intellectual property rights as the basic principle of secret operations.

2.All original content (including but not limited to answers, articles and comments) posted by the user on the secret is copyrighted by the user. Users can authorize third parties to use them in any way without the need for secret consent.

3.In order to promote the sharing and dissemination of knowledge, the user grants all the content published on the secret to the secret free, irrevocable, non-exclusive license, and secret has the right to use the content for the various forms of products and related services. Top, including but not limited to websites and published applications.

4.If the third party reprints the content posted by the user on the secret forward outside of secret for non-commercial purposes, the original author's name (or the account name used by the original author on the secret) should be indicated in the prominent position at the beginning of the body of the work. ), marked "published in secret", and may not modify the performance of the work. If it is necessary to modify the work, or for commercial purposes, the third party should contact the user to obtain a separate authorization to use the corresponding content in the manner specified by the user.

5.In the content uploaded or published in the secret, the user shall ensure that he or she is a copyright owner or has obtained legal authorization, and the content does not infringe the legal rights of any third party. If a third party raises an objection to the copyright, secret has the right to delete the relevant content according to the actual situation, and has the right to pursue the user's legal responsibility. If the damage is caused to the secret or any third party, the user shall be responsible for full compensation.

6.If any third party infringes the rights associated with the secret user, the user agrees to authorize the secret or its designated agent to file a warning, complaint, initiate administrative law enforcement, litigation, appeal, or negotiate settlement on behalf of the privacy itself or the user, and The user agrees to participate in joint rights protection if the secret deems it necessary.

7.Secret has the right but not the obligation to review the content posted by the user, and has the right to deal with the infringing information according to relevant evidence and relevant laws and regulations.

Ⅲ.Personal Privacy

1.Respecting the privacy of the user's personal privacy information is the consistent principle of secret. The secret chat content is kept secret by end-to-end encryption, and there is no chat record of any user on the server.

2.The secret will fully protect the user's personal privacy information through technical means and internal management. In addition to the law or the government department that has the authority of the law to request or obtain the user's explicit authorization in advance, the secret guarantee is not disclosed or disclosed to third parties. User's personal privacy information, or non-public content that users store when they use the service.

3.By using or continuing to use our services, you consent to the collection, use, storage and sharing of your information in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

Ⅳ.Infringement Report


As a community, secret attaches great importance to the balance between free expression and the legitimate rights of individuals and businesses. It is a statutory obligation of the secret community to delete illegal information in accordance with the law, and the secret community has not cooperated with any intermediary to carry out this business;

2.Acceptance scope

(1) Infringement reports infringing on the legitimate rights and interests of businesses or individuals in the secret community, including but not limited to personal privacy, rumors and defamation, and commercial infringement.

(2) Involving personal privacy: The published content directly or indirectly involves relevant personal information such as name, address, ID number, work unit, telephone number, etc.

(3) Direct swearing, insulting, fictional, malicious, etc

(4) Commercial infringement: disclosure of corporate trade secrets and other content that cannot be discussed publicly under a confidentiality agreement.

3.Reporting condition

(1) The content posted by the user in the secret only indicates his or her personal position and opinion, and does not represent the position or opinion of the secret. If an individual or a company finds that there is content on the secret that infringes on its legitimate rights and interests, you can first try to get in touch with the author and solve the problem through communication and negotiation. If you are unable to contact the author or are unable to resolve the issue by communicating with the author, you can file a complaint with the secret platform by clicking the Report button at the top right of the content. In order to ensure that the problem can be handled in a timely and effective manner, please be sure to submit the material that is true, valid, complete and clear, otherwise the complaint will not be accepted. In addition to reporting in the secret circle of friends, you can send an email to

(2) The complaint materials you need to provide to secret include:

a.The right holder has trademark rights, copyrights and/or other ownership certificates that can exercise the rights according to law, and the ownership certificate is usually a business license or an organization code certificate;

b.The identity of the informant, the identity certificate can be an identity card or a passport;

c.If the informant is not the right holder, ask the reporter to provide a written authorization to report on behalf of the right holder.

(3) In order to ensure the authenticity of the complaint materials, you also need to sign the following legal notice in the infringement report:

a.I am the legal owner of the content I report;

b.The content I posted in the secret community violated my corresponding legal rights;

c.If the content of this infringement report is not completely true, I will bear all legal liabilities arising therefrom, and bear and compensate for any losses caused by the secret account processing according to the complainant's notice, including but not limited to the secret cause. Loss caused by the compensation of the complainant and secret reputation, damage to goodwill, etc.

4.Processing flow

(1)Due to the supervisory nature of the web platform, not all applications must be accepted. The secret is processed and given a response within seven working days of receiving the report. No telephone, mail or other means of inquiry will be provided during processing;

(2)This is the only official infringement complaint channel in the secret community. There is no other way to handle this business;

(3)The legal dispute caused by the user's commercial behavior in the secret is handled by the transaction parties themselves, and has nothing to do with the secret.


(1)The secret cannot guarantee the correctness of the answers or comments posted by the user;

(2) The content posted by the user in the secret only indicates his or her personal position and opinion, and does not represent the position or opinion of the secret. As the content publisher, it is the responsibility of the content to be published. All the disputes arising from the published content shall be the legal and joint responsibility of the publisher of the content. Secret does not assume any legal and joint responsibility;

(3)The secret does not guarantee that the network service will meet the requirements of the user, nor does it guarantee that the network service will not be interrupted, and the timeliness, security and accuracy of the network service are not guaranteed;

(4)Secret does not assume any responsibility for network service interruptions or other defects caused by force majeure or secret control, but will try to reduce the loss and impact caused to the user.

6.Agreement modification

(1) According to the development of the Internet and changes in relevant laws, regulations and regulatory documents, or due to business development needs, secret has the right to modify or change the terms of this agreement. Once the content of this agreement changes, secret will be directly on the secret website. The content of the revised agreement is announced, and the announcement is deemed to have been notified to the user to modify the content. The secret can also be sent by email or private message, prompting the user to modify the terms of the agreement, service changes, or other important matters;

(2) If you do not agree to the changes made by secret to the terms of this agreement, the user has the right and should stop using secret. If the user continues to use secret, the user is deemed to have accepted the changes made by secret to the terms of this agreement.